Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Body Image Fashion Woes? Ask LeFashionista!

Cleopatra Bag from Aeneta-$338.00

In between sizes? Is that workout paying off, but not enough to buy a
new wardrobe just yet? Belly bulging because a bundle of joy is on the
way, and nothing seems to fit anymore (especially your favorite jeans!)

Fashion is for moms-to-be and curvy girls too...just because you can't fit into True Religions or your Manolo's are too small for your puffy pregnant ankles doesn't mean you have to give up!

If you are in-between sizes (or just body conscious), nothing makes you look and feel better than to accessorize! A new purse and dangly earrings against a well-cut outfit in solid colors can do wonders!

Editors Pick:
Beautiful, big handbags in bold colors with loads of details are perfect to cheer up your wardrobe woes. Check out the Aeneta line at LeFashionista!

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