Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good-bye, punk ties

Avril Lavigne

What the...? Is this really the same Avril Lavigne that only three years ago thought striped neckties, a scowl and sloppy pants looked good? I guess this is what happens when punk princesses grow up!

Recently, Ms. Lavigne has been in the news for rubbing elbows with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel shows in Pairs. Now Avril is pursuing a modeling career and has recently signed with Ford Models.

Following along similar ladies of rock like Gwen Stefani and Kelly Osbourne and plunging head first into couture may not be such a bad idea for her career after all. And with her recent magazine photo shoots, I'm sure that Avril will get modeling offers from places other than Hot Topic and Old Navy.

The moral of today's story: Growing up makes you like Prada handbags and make-up better than safety pins and grungy sneakers.

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