Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Want them all? Visit Bag, Borrow or Steal

Got a taste for the finer things in life, but low on cash? Do you drool every season over new designer bags, only to find that you can barely afford one? Not anymore!

At Bag Borrow or Steal you CAN have it all, one bag at a time. Their “bag borrowing” system is fabulous and allows you to change your style every month. Want a Fendi bag for Feburary? How about a Balenciaga motorcycle bag for March? Prada purse in April? You can!

For as low as $20 a month, you can be a “Trendsetter” and join this fabulous “bag borrowing” program! Just like borrowing books from the library, except you get to chose from a wide variety of designer bags! This is the perfect program for that fickle fashionista who can never decide on just one bag, but really can’t afford to buy every one!

Totally bag happy? Bag, Borrow or Steal also has “Princess” and “Diva” levels of membership, as well as Deluxe levels which give you more choices and options of bag borrowing. With the Deluxe Diva membership, you have access to everything!

So what are you waiting for? Check out this great luxury-on-loan system now and be on your way to more fashionable months ahead!

Bag Borrow Or Steal, Inc.

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