Friday, January 27, 2006

When Hollywood Goes Couture

Drew Barrymore for Missoni

Celebrities have been hawking fashion, accesories and beauty products since the dawn of time. But in recent years it seems as though the Gisele's and Tyra's of the modeling world are playing second fiddle to celebrity's when couture is on the line.

The most recent celebrity to jump in the modeling world? Miss. Drew Barrymore of course. A former Guess Girl in the 1990's, Barrymore has signed to be the face (and bod) of Missoni because of her down to earth attitude. Expect more of Barrymore in magazines and ads for this Spring's Missoni line.

In the name of fashion, here are some of leFashionista's other favorite celebrity models. Enjoy!

Madonna for Versace

Uma Thurman for Luis Vuitton

Demi Moore for Versace

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