Monday, February 20, 2006

The Many Fashion Morphs of L. Lo

Lindsay, February, 2006
Grown-up but slouchy?

Lindsay, Spring 2005

Lindsay, Fall 2004
Starting to look classy...

Lindsay, Spring 2004
Ahh, the mistakes of youth...

In the very short amount of time that Lindsay Lohan has been in the Hollywood scene, she has pulled more image changes than Madonna. She's tried every hair color under the sun and changed her body shape from healthy to sickly to sorta-healthy again (but she's had a rough time, so we'll give her a break).

While it's not uncommon for new young starlets to make shameful fashion mistakes in their early career (see newsboy cap, striped camisole and gold ethnic earrings), is Lindsay Lohan really going back to her fashion no-no's?

Case in point; February 2006, shopping in NYC Soho. The faded black jeans. The nautical print v-neck sweater. The giant black granny cardigan. The red scarf. At least her cleavage isn't on display anymore, but quit taking fashion cues from the Olsen twins already!

The only thing working for this new look is the white carryall and boots. She totally gets points for those. Otherwise, we beg for the new and improved grown-up and sophisticated L. Lo back.

What do you think? Has Lindsay gone from slutty to chic and now to slouch...or is she on to something with this new look?

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