Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another Designer Goes Target

Luella Spring 2006

Luella Spring 2006

Luella Spring 2006 collection

Carmen Biker Ayers Snake Pink, about $860.00, US

Luella "Go" line for Target: Tartan Greed Plaid Strapless Dress, $39.99, motorcycle jacket, $149.99

When will the madness end? We all know the story by now...Isaac Mizrahi, Cynthia Rowley and now hip British designer Luella Bartley have all sold their couture souls to Target. I have to admit, I was excited when Stella McCartney's line came out for H&M, but this is just getting ridiculous.

If you don't know about Luella, her lines are usually very part Brit-punk rock, one part girly-girl. Think Veruca Salt meets Johnny Rotten, and you've got Luella's style. Her lines are all about color and fun, which she surely brings to the Target "Go" label. Luella's Spring 2006 runway show was full of nautical, country-girl flair in lots of blue and red.

I have to say though...I'm not too impressed with the Target line. For one thing, I think that this look is kind of dying amongst the majority of American teens (whom this label is targeted to, no pun intended). I'm not sure that the punk-rock mileu even shop at Target.

For another, I think that it's still too pricy for discount warehouse shopping. Who's really going to buy a leather jacket at Target anyway?

Maybe this line would do better at Macy's or some other mall outlet, but I forsee it flopping at Tar-jay. What do you Target on to something by bringing designer styles to the masses? Apparently, the "Go" line will feature a lot of rotating international designers, so maybe the next one will be a little more on "target."

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