Tuesday, March 21, 2006

East Meets Vest

Viscose top and silk pants, Missoni

Gray pinstrip three-piece suit, Tuleh

Gray Tweed Suit, Armani

Japanese Print Button Down, Diesel

Gold Bow Dress, Alexander McQueen

Business professionals probably have the hardest time mixing fashion with work. Men have it easy...they just get a few great suits and only have to worry about their tie. Women, on the other hand, are either forced to look drab or get really creative with scarves and handbags.

Never fear HR managers of the world! This spring offers some really sexy alternatives for the working woman.

Whether you are a bank teller or a CEO, hot pantsuits and Eastern kimono looks are back with a vengeance. Softer lines and prettier fabrics on pantsuits give this otherwise masculine look a feminine edge. And what's not to love about kimono's? Flattering on nearly everyone, the silk makes them fancy and the prints make them fun.

Our pick is the silk pantsuit from Missoni...the best of both worlds, really! And that gold dress from Alexander McQueen? After work cocktails, of course.

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