Friday, March 03, 2006

Is One-Piece the Way to Go?

Juicy Couture Stipe Bandeau
Maillot, $163.00

Juicy Couture Deep V Maillot

Britney Spears in Maui, Feb 06

Bathing suit styles for this spring are heavily veering towards the one-piece variety. While the bikini will always be around, it seems like more and more stars are actually covering up on the beach.

New styles from Juicy Couture and more suggest that maybe more IS more on the beach this in more material, but more plunging necklines.

So I ask...what's the best suit? One that covers you, but leaves a weird plunging "V" tanline? Or a bikini which will give you maximum tanlines (but may not be suited for every body type or personal taste).

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