Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Vacation Wishlist

Dior Flight Leather Shopper
Dior Flight Leather Shopper, $1,370.00

Whitney Sunglasses
Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses, $300.00

San Tropez Wedge
San Tropez Wedge, Juicy Couture, $190.00

So it's probably just wishful thinking but had some drool-worthy accesories for my Parisian escape. I would absolutely love a new bag, sunglasses and shoes before I hit beaucoup shoppes and if I could, these are what I would totally get.

Even though the current situation in Paris is a little, well, riotous, cross your fingers for me that things will be back to normal for my vacay!

Okay, so in reality I probably will only get a new watch battery and dust off my old Gap hobo bag, but I only have a few days to finish my pre-vacation shopping. What am I forgetting?

What is the one fashion item that you simply could not live without while vacationing? Lip gloss? Umbrella? Good shoes? Tell us your favorite travel accesories and the best ones will be published in my Vacation Packing guide before I leave. Thanks!

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