Monday, March 20, 2006

Would You Wear...

March 16, 2006Aisha Tyler in Bill Blass

If these tulip skirts are supposed to be all the rage, why do they look awful on everyone? Even Aisha Tyler, who is svelte and athletic, probably shouldn't be wearing this skirt. Her tie up wedges don't give her legs any length either for an overall unflattering look.

A Lighter Shade of PaleNaomi Watts, Oscars 2006

The shrinking violet look was big at this years Oscars, with stars like Naomi Watts and Kiera Knightly opting for floral frocks. No, not floral patterns, but rusched sateen and gauze that looks like a 3D flower.

So are florals overrated, or the hottest new thing? Is there someone out there who has successfully worn a flouncy tulip skirt without adding 20 pounds to their frame? Let us know!

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