Monday, April 10, 2006

Bag Lust: Spotlight on LeSportsac

LeSportsac Large Weekender, Blue Mums Print, $104.00

LeSportsac Hideaway Tote in Bingo, $43.00

LeSportsac Lulu Bag in Radial, $39.00

LeSportsac Molly Bag in Pegasus, $65.00

Allow me to gush for a minute about LeSportsac....this is absolutely one of my favorite brands of bags out there! With literally dozens of bag styles alone to chose from, they also have limited edition prints in beautiful bold colors and graphic designs. Buying a LeSportsac bag online is so much fun too because you can choose the style and print and kind of custom make your own bag. Chances are, with a LeSportsac bag, you are guaranteed to be the only one you know with a bag like yours!

While some of their designs are really out there (meaning REALLY bold and graphic) they also have plain colors for the less adventurous. There bags are also really durable and perfect for someone like me who bangs my bags up all the time.

Check out their website at todaym but hurry...their prints sell out quick and change often!

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