Friday, April 21, 2006

Cheap Frills

Metro 7 Short-Sleeved Metallic Crop Jacket, Wal-Mart $26.94

Exhilaration Wigwam tote in Black, Target $18.99

Double V-Neck Top, Charlotte Russe, $17.99

Jeweled Slide, Payless Shoes, $24.99

Forever 21. Charlotte Russe. Old Navy. Target. Payless Shoes. And yes...Wal-Mart. They are your tried and true last resort stores for cheap knock off fashion fixes and trends of the moment. And actually, some of the stuff isn't so bad.

In all honesty, any time I buy shoes from Target they rip up my feet, but I find that their clothes and accessories are usually pretty sturdy. On the other hand, teeny bopper mall stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe offer super cute, up to the minute pieces that usually only last as long as they are in style.

Where is your favorite secret on the cheap place to shop?

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