Saturday, April 15, 2006

Forever Your (QVC) Girl

I love Paula Abdul! I remember dancing at slumber parties and blasting her music while singing along with my hairbrush. I also remember getting my name on the board in school for listening to her tapes with my walkman during class. I’m not ashamed, you only live once!

As I was searching for jewelry online, I stumbled across the best news ever; Paula Abdul is launching a small collection of jewelry that will be featured on QVC. After launching a small collection of jewelry on Idol as gifts for the contestants, the word got out that not only can this hot icon can sing, dance, choreograph, teach and inspire the next generation of pop sensations, she can really design! The jewelry was hot in demand so Paula Abdul hooked up with QVC – for a nationwide launch – and the collection is set to air April 21, 2006.

The collection includes replicas of stainless steel and rubber bracelets with 18 karat gold accents as well as diamond charm pendants accompanied by inspirational messages engraved on small tags that reflect the spirit of the collection.

As I was on Paula’s website, I noticed that she looks the same as she did when I was first rocking to her cool beats. I asked myself, “How does she do it?” Then, I clicked away some more and found her 5-disc DVD set, “Paula Abdul Cardio Cheer.” I am so buying this & calling my friends so we can have fun and get in shape!

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