Monday, April 03, 2006

Foxy Diddy Fox Fur Coat

That this fox fur collar is detachable only serves to remind you of how thoughtful a designer P Diddy is; couturier Diddy is not just about the dollar. By making the fox fur collar one easy zip off, P Diddy is saying, "Even if you find it unforgivable how debonaire and genius I am, I'm okay with you not being okay with being ridiculously, obnoxiously fabulous. You can be subtly fab.

"That's fine.

"Whatever it takes to get you to spend $1,695* on this coat**."

* On sale at Girl Shop for $678, slightly less than what you shell out for rent.

** I must profess my ooh la love for this double zipper cream genius. I fell in love with it online, carrassed it at Bloomies in NYC, and I find this 50%+ price cut more tempting than a soy latte.

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