Wednesday, April 19, 2006

French Girls Have the Best Shoes

Mandolin Flats, $78.00

Seychelles Floral Pump, $78.00

Silver and Pink Lace up Pumas, $75.00

Rule #1 when visiting France...wear good shoes. I'm not just talking about walking shoes, I'm talking about high fashion here.

The French are notorious for style, and Parisian girls are no exception. While, like New York, they mainly deck themselves out in black tops and well-cut jeans, their shoes are always fabulous. Whether they take a sporty or spicy approach, Parisian girls always keep their feet looking fabulous.

Most people in France stick with Puma's or Adidas in bold colors like yellow, silver and pink for their walking shoes, and you will rarely see a pair of Nike's.

Flats and knee high boots also seemed to rule over heels in the city of lights...and surprise surprise, right now, white is a very hot shoe hue. Most go for feminine looks with floral accents, but stripes and sequins are also big looks in flats.

Wanna steal their look, but can't make it to the Champs-Elysees? Check out for some of the best looks in French-style flats.

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