Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hot for Cotton

Boyfriend Tee, Vince $48.00

Loomstate, Milk and Honey Tee, $55.00

Anais Floral Tee, Marc by Marc Jacobs $138.00

Loomstate, All Together Now Tee, $55.00

Say it isn't so! When I saw this picture of the Boyfriend Tee from Vince, my jaw about dropped. I think that I have a picture of myself in middle school wearing an oversized tee just like that with rolled sleeves...who knew I was so ahead of my time! Seriously, $48 for a glorified undershirt is not cool. Cross your fingers for me that this look doesn't come back!

However, gets some serious props for their new tees from Pucci, Loomstate, Marc by Marc Jacobs and more. My favorites are from Loomstate...they have interesting silk screened images and are made on 100% organic cotton. Fancy.

My lust item? The Anais Tee from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Heck, I'll take anything from Marc Jacobs for that matter, but this top is so cute...I totally want to get it for my trip to France.

Anyways, the tee shirt revolution is obviously alive and well so all of you casual couture girls can relax and keep your cotton looks for another season.

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