Monday, April 03, 2006

Love it or Hate it?

Mary Kate Olsen in see-through skirt and crazy red shoes

Paris Hilton with Fur stole and olive pants

Lindsay Lohan channels Pocahantas at The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Drew Barrymore pairs shorts with coat and Uggs

Yeesh! Some of our favorite fashionista's have been getting a little too crazy with their style, and should maybe consider firing their stylist (or getting one, for that matter).

Like all fashion disasters, there are a few elements to each of these disastrous ensembles that work on their own. For example, Mary Kate's bag is pretty awesome, Paris's halter is cute, and well, Lindsay and Drew have nice hair.

So what's the deal? Are celebs taking the Britney Spears route and dressing themselves at a disastrous pace? Or are we just being a little too judgemental? Either way, these ladies were probably just having a bad day because they usually get our snaps in the fashion department.

Which one of these looks is the absolute worst? Is one maybe not so bad? Cast your vote and tell us why!

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