Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Madonna Style

Madonna's upcoming "Confessions Tour."
Madonna's upcoming and nearly sold out "Confesssions" tour....you've come a long way!

Love her or hate her, looks like the material girl is here to stay...creating yet another style reinvention (roller disco japanamation punk?) this tour is bound to be full of creative elements on stage.

It's no secret that Madonna has been a major inspiration in style, especially in the 80's (leather, pearls, lace gloves and mussed up blonde tresses...oh yeah) but some of her other looks have been, well, sorta crazy.

Granted, the punked-up wedding dress look for her "Like a Virgin" MTV performance was ingenious...however even when she has great designers working on her tour, she can be way off the mark.

Case in point: for her blonde ambition tour, her crazy cone bra was designed by none other than the great John Galliano.

For this tour, Madge's wardrobe will be designed by Jean Paul Gaultier himself...so here's hoping for some fab designs!

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