Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Scarf, sunglasses, bag....check

Nicole Richie in Full Fashionista Regalia

Fashion these days can be as simple as a great pair of jeans, a comfy solid top, and accessories, accessorie, accesories! Stars like Nicole Richie are fully embracing "Jackie O" simplicity and using hawt jewelry, bags and more to create their style.

Lucky for you, this look is easy, classy and simple to emulate and makes looking great effortless.
PLUS it's an excellent style for when you had a long night and you aren't in the mood to wash your hair. Check it out!

1) Bag: Big, bold and solid color leather satchel, perfect for holding all of your goodies from bottled water to laptops.

2) Head Scarf: Adds a splash of color and elegance, all while keeping unruly tresses under wraps.

3) Big Sunglasses: Covers up tired looking eyes (while protecting them from the sun) and adds an air of mystery to your overall look.

4) Great Jeans: A good fitting pair of jeans in a great cut shows that you have style AND know how to be comfortable.

5) Sweet Shoes: Ballet flats are preferred but anything you love will work with this as long as it doesn't clash with your scarf!

6) Top: Who cares? Get a white Fruit of the Loom for all we already look hot! Make sure your top is a solid color though...prints and graphics are too distracting.

Now take your celebrity mystery woman look to the streets and rock it!

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