Friday, April 21, 2006

Spotlight on: Crocs

Crocs Beach Shoe in Fuschia, $33.95

For those of you who hate the flip-flop revival that just won't go away, feast your eyes on the newest in god-awful footwear: Crocs.

Okay, so they aren't that new, in fact stars like Jennifer Garner and Faith Hill have already snapped up pairs of these lightweight, supposedly comfortable and easy to clean shoes. However, now you too can buy rip-off styles at a number of department and retail stores for much cheaper than the Croc brand.

My question is WHY? I understand why nurses and other medical professionals like them, and besides, they already have to wear ugly scrubs anyways, so they might as well keep their feet comfy too. I just can't imagine why anyone else would wear these.

Clue me in...If you happen to like these strange plastic clog-like contraptions, let me know why. Or perhaps you foster the same hatred for them as I do. Either way, I hope they die out quickly, like those cork bottomed, leather buckle sandals that I wore with socks in the 8th grade.

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