Thursday, April 06, 2006

Victoria Beckham's Fashion Bible

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham

As if her "Ten Commandments of Style" weren't enough, VB has announced that she will now pen a "Fashion Bible." Mother of three, fashion designer (sort of), former pop star and wife of the most famous soccer player ever, it was only a matter of time before we could expect a book deal.

The book will apparently feature interviews with some of VB's favorite designers, as well as her own philosophy on how to always look good.

Want a sneak peek at what Posh may say in her book? Check out her "Ten Commandments of Style"...whether she follows them all or not is still under speculation.

Rule 1 - Visualise Your Overall Look: "Visualise the overall look, then pull the pieces together."

Rule 2 - Shop The World: "Clothes from different countries help to put an individual stamp on your style."

Rule 3 - Borrow From Another Era: "Take inspiration from another decade. Alexander McQueen's vintage-style clothes are beautiful."

Rule 4 - Invest In Timeless Classics: "Be strategic - invest in clothes you can wear from season to season."

Rule 5 - Find Your Own Fashion Fail-Safe: "On a bloated day, always have some emergency figure flatterers."

Rule 6 - Accessories Are The Bare Necessities: "I never leave the house without sunnies."

Rule 7 - Dress From The Inside Out: "Good underwear is a real staple."

Rule 8 - Be Brave And Customise: "I like buying jumpers from Gap Kids and cutting them up."

Rule 9 - Trust In A Few Faithful Opinions: "I still listen to my mum."

Rule 10 - It's Fun To Experiment, But Follow Some Classic Style Must-Dos: "Don't let it all hang out; leave a little to the imagination."

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