Friday, April 07, 2006

Vuitton Still Rules

Mariah modeling with her beloved LV trunks

Jessica with LV "Cherries" bag

Lindsay Lohan goes casual with her LV satchel

Celebrities just can't get enough of Vuitton...apparently, preparations are in the works for Mariah Carey to even be modeling for them in a high profile campaign very soon.

So what is it that makes the LV logo so great? Is it the simple, regal styling and the clean, classic lines? Or is it just because Vuitton has become such a symbol of high fashion and high society?

Either way, Vuitton has been sparking our interest sing the 1850's when the company first started creating luggage in Paris. Our favorite classis LV monogrammed design of brown on chesnut has actually been around since 1896 and has been coveted by celebrities and fashionista's ever since.

Why do you think that the LV line has lived so long? What makes it more special than new and more contemporary designs today?

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