Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

So I check my mail the other day and I receive an invite from my quirky friend who’s throwing a 50’s Swingin’ Cocktail Shindig (not that kind of swingin’) and I have to find the perfect dress! The first thing that enters my mind is “Poodle Skirt,” but I wore one of those in like 2nd grade and this is an adult party. I was totally stuck and then I jumped on the computer and typed “Retro Cocktail Dress” into Google and low and behold, I found the hottest site, “Daddy-O’s .com!

When I first opened the site and read, “Where the coolest get their coolness!” and then saw the color scheme & design, I knew I was in the right place! From bowling shirts to swing dresses to dice earrings, this site literally has it all… Whether your occasion calls for rockabilly, swing, or lounge, Daddy-O's has the threads for you! They are your one stop shop for 50's styled retro clothes and nostalgia items inspired by the 1950's.

Daddy-O's has the sexiest cocktail dresses and I’m having a hard time choosing.

I’m stuck between these three:

  1. Stop Staring Polka Dot Swing Dress
  2. Stop Staring Leopard Martini Dress
  3. Stop Staring Green Cocktail Swing Dress

And since Hubby has been playing the “I have nothing to wear” card, I can now call his bluff with the Steady Black and Sage Royale shirt. He just has to pair it with a pair of jeans and we’re all set. Sorry Honey!

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