Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You Stand Guarder!

There’s nothing worse than going to a club and lugging around a hefty handbag or worse, a small wallet that you’re sure to lose. All you really need is a small place to stick your ID, some cash and maybe a lip-gloss or two.’s Angela Johnson is a genius and should be on ABC’s American Inventor! She’s created a convenient and sexy sheer nylon tricot “Guarder Garter” that will make going out a stress-free event.

You can wear this haute accessory under a sexy dress or over a pair of cute jeans. The Guarder Garter is only $10.00 and I recommend it to any funky fashionista on the go!

P.S. If you let someone close enough to get your cash stolen, you might want to stick to that 2-drink minimum.

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