Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Celebrity Scent

Just Me
Just Me from Paris Hilton, $39

Live from Jennifer Lopez, $39.50

Fantasy from Britney Spears, $45.00

Whether hawking Calvin Klein's newest fragrance or creating an interesting bouquet of their own, perfume is all about celebrity power. It seems like everyone who is anyone in Hollywood has some sort of fragrance or is the face of a fragrance. And the cooler (and pinker) the bottle, the better.

Remember the good old days when Chanel No. 5 reigned supreme? How about the 80's with Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds? For me, one of the most enduring fragrances of all time will be CK One...how I coveted that fragrance. Seems like today, there isn't one defining fragrance of our time.

Sadly, I think that my love affair with fragrance is not what it used to be. In elementary and middle school, I used to drown myself in the stuff (anyone remember Ex!amation or Malibu Musk?). If it wasn't Sun Ripened Raspberry body spray, it was something else. Now as an adult, my poor bottle of BCBG Girls Metro is but a dust collecting obelisk on my dresser.

So what do you think...has fragrance lost its edge? I honestly can't stand most perfume anymore (although I do like a nice citrus bouquet...). What's your favorite fragrance of all time? Do you think that perfume is starting to die at the hands of celebrities, or is it just ready for a revolution?

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