Friday, May 19, 2006

Haute Beach Essentials

Old Navy Beach Tote, $19.50

Pucci Beach Tote, $495.00

Leather Star Flip Flop
Leather Star Flip Flops, $34.00

Diorantik Flat Sandal
Dior Diorantik Flat Sandal, $485.00
Luella Metal Aviator Sunglasses - White
Luella Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $11.89

Whitney Sunglasses
Whitney Sunglasses $300.00

Graphic Floral Triangle Top, $19.99
Green String Bikini
Pucci Green String Bikini, $255.00

And just for fun...

Women’s Textured Floppy Straw Hat
Floppy Straw Hat, $12.99

As a Florida girl, we get beach weather year round...but for those of you elsewhere, it's time to get those toes painted and remove any unsightly hair because summer is here!

Looking like a million bucks at the beach can be cheaper than you think! Feel free to splurge on one item (bikini? of course) and get a little chintzy with the rest. Wal-Mart sandals and sunglasses? No one is going to tell the difference.

Whether you want to spend a little or spend a lot, we've put together some of the best summer beach trends and where you can get them!

Summer Essentials:
*Bright floral or graphic beach bag
*Fun flip-flops
*Cute cover-up
*Haute bathing suit
*Sun tan lotion with a high SPF

What's your fave summer essential or beach accessory? I can't live without my fold out chair at the beach...sandy bottoms just don't do it for me. Enjoy!

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