Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Jessica Simpson Shoe and Purse Collection

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson, Tessa in Bronze, $59.99

Jessica Simpson, Aggie in Turqoise, $79.99

Doth mine eyes decieve me? Could it be that Jessica Simpson has had a shoe line out and I didn't even know about it? Seems like being a designer is the cool new thing in Hollywood. It used to be that if you had a line of clothing, you were on your way (or already were) to being a has-been. (see the Kathy Ireland collection at K-Mart).

Now it is reported that Simpson will even be launching a line of handbags along with her pretty impressive shoe line. (source)

In all honesty, from what I saw, her available styles weren't half bad. Does anyone know how the quality is, and what stores carry them? I covet the turquoise Aggie shoes. I'm actually quite excited to see what the purse's will look like, because even though sista's got issues, she usually carries a fab bag.

Up next: Jessica Simpson jeans, sloppy sweats and newsboy caps. Just kidding.

Who wants to take bets on whether she will even wear her own line or not? Hmm? Anyone?

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