Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mad about M.A.C.

Dejarose Fragrance, $22.50

MV 1 Fragrance, $22.50

Green Eyeshadow, $13.50

Glitz Gloss in Ramoneo, $14.00

M.A.C. makeup may be one of the best department store makeup lines at (almost) drugstore prices. Burned before by their lipglass (dried out my lips and so sticky my hair got stuck in it constantly) I've become a new beleiver! While I am not as adventurous with makeup as I may like to be, I often fantasize about being able to pull of that shade of green eyeshadow...sigh.

One of their newest surprises is a fragrance line, based on color with all sorts of lovely exotic scents. The names aren't so great (Turquatic and Pinkaura just don't do it for me) but the price is right and the scents are lovely. I nearly fainted at their orange bottled scent (which they don't sell online, and also irks me) was so clean and smelled just like this orange scented spray I got from Avon in high school...but I digress.

For all of you other M.A.C. addicts, word around the makeup counter is that if you bring in six empty plastic M.A.C. containers, you will get one lipstick of your choice FREE. How wicked awesome is that?

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