Thursday, May 11, 2006

Paging Dr. Fabulous...

Large Doctor Bag
Carlos Falchi Large Doctor Bag, $665.00

Soft Calf and Suede East/West Satchel
DKNY East/West Satchel $265.00

Studded Small Doctor's Bag
Carlos Falchi Small Studded Doctors Bag, $525.00

Carlos Falchi may be on to something fashion forecast says that doctor bags are going to be very hot for this fall. Stethescope and thermometer slots included (just kidding).

In our endless quest for fashionable big bags, designers are now looking to form and function, plus style. Since last fall, the popularity of doctor bags has been on the rise, but now they are looking better than ever.

Who knows? If this thing really takes off, then briefcases, laundry bags and mail bags may be next!

I'm particularly fond of the small white studded bag from Carlos Falchi, but you penny-wise and leather conscious girls don't have to go without! Check out this bag from Target...almost as cute, but way more affordable!

Merona® Daily Diva Shopper - White
Merona Daily Diva Shopper, white $21.24

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