Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pretty Ponytails

Cara Couture Ponytail Jewels
Cara Couture Ponytail Jewels, $35.00 each

Starburst Ponytail Holder by Karina, $3.75

Carmen Electra

Sport a really haute look this summer with a pretty ponytail! Sleek and sporty or a big sexy mess, this is a great style for busy girls who want to beat the heat.

My personal favorite style is the "just rolled out of bed" know, flyaways, piecy bangs, the works. Some stars spend hours with their stylists achieving this look, but for me, it just comes naturally.

Take your up-do look to the next level with some great hair accesories. Remember to think outside the box when looking for hair baubles...mall jewelry stores like Claire's sometimes have the cutest hair accesories for way less. Got a cute broach collecting dust in your jewelry box? Revive it as a hair piece!

Ponytails not your thing? Scarves, head bands, bobby pins and especially baby barettes are also hot in a big long as you are having fun with it, and don't get too crazy, you are one step ahead. Word is flowers (especially orchids) are big for this summer too, so try it out now before everyone else is.

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