Thursday, May 25, 2006

Spotlight on Gianni Bini

"Expert" Gold Flat, $39.99

"Spice" Wedge $69.00

Vintage Tan Satchel, $69.50

"Moroccan Tales" Zip Top Bag, $89.00

"Jaclyn" Silk Chiffon Dress, $178.00

"Anita" Tee $38.00 and "Adi" Skirt, $138.00

Always trying to be the purveyor of fashionable and affordable accesories and clothing, I bring you Gianni Bini! Available exclusively at Dillard's (sorry northern gals), their stuff is simple but haut and very ladylike. No Dillard's near your? Visit their website for even more hot hautness that you can order online.

Okay, their clothes are still a little pricey, but way cute, and I can personally attest to their durability and quality. While you are SOL if you need anything larger than a size 12, even plus-sized girls can appreciate their accesories. And if you can get their stuff on sale, it's really worth the money!

Their best deals really lie in their shoes, which I can also personally attest to be some of the best out there for the price. The best LeFashionista find? The "Expert" gold flat for less than $40 (also available in silver and black)! Gold flats are very hot for summer and are here to stay for a while, cute with skirts, jeans and even those Bermuda shorts that only the truly skinny can pull off. Gianni Bini heels are usually to die for as well, and from what my friends tell me, you can't find a more comfortable heel for the price.

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