Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Summer Trend: Corsets

Kellie Pickler in her famous pink corset on American Idol

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in this summer's "Bandida's"

Crissy Corset from Guess, $69.00

A mainstay amongst the goth-chic crowd, corsets are making an appearance on this summer's hot list. Once a very popular look in the 1990's (think Pretty Woman hooker-chic), the corset is slowly making its way back through pseudo-celebrities like American Idol's Kellie Pickler. (Pop-culture trivia fact: Pickler's corset represents the most money anyone has ever spent on a single fashion item on "Idol" to this day!)

Corsets also make an appearance in this summer's action chic-flick "Bandida's" via frequent corset-wearer Salma Hayek. Though this movie is a turn-of-the-century timepiece, I wouldn't be surprised if, like, John Galliano gets inspired by this for his fall line.

Get your corset fix: hot (and way more comfy than the real thing) corset tanks from Leana Couture are on sale at now for only $40! As seen in Style magazine and snatched up by celebs like Halle Berry and Ashley Simpson, get yours while they are still around.

Leana Couture Corset Tanks, $40

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