Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sweet Sneaks

Eleanor Seahorse Print Skimmer
Eleanor Seahorse Print Skimmer, $39.99

Eleanor Owl Print Skimmer
Eleanor Owl Print Skimmer, $39.99

Xhilaration® Acadia Printed Canvas Shoes - Blue
Xhilaration Acadia Printed Canvas Shoe, $12.99

While flip-flops may be the official shoe of the summer (and no one loves flops more than me), sneaks are growing in popularity. Get cute in canvas this summer for a hawt (and comfortable!) look. Afterall, everyone needs a breathe-able pair of sneaks for trekking across theme parks and around the mall during the hot summer months.

Whether you like your Keds simple and solid colored or if crazy printed canvas is for you, check out their website for all the newest styles. We love their new line by Eleanor...so cute! However, canvas sneaks are almost as cheap as flip-flops, so keep your eye out for great deals.

Here's a few little clues to making sure you get the most out of your canvas sneaks:

1) Slip-on or tie-on?: Answer: Both. It just depends on your style. If you love the ease with which you can slide on flip flops, slip-ons are for you. Plus they are are more "lady-like" and go good with everything from jeans to skirts. If you are more athletic or need something a little sturdier, tie-ons are for you. Laced-up canvases work great for that tom-boy look.

2) Printed or Plain?: Answer: Look at your wardrobe. If you are like me and have mostly solid colored tops and tees, then your feet are begging for some printed canvas. However, if your tops are loud and lovely, then you should probably go with basic footwear so you won't clash.

3) High-end, or Cheap-chic?: Answer: Look in your wallet. Just get what you can afford because it's only sneakers!

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