Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baby Chic

Leather Baby Fluffy with Charm
Juicy Couture Leather Baby Fluffy with Charm $250.00

Myolee, Carrie babydoll top, $65.00

Baby Barrettes Set of 2
Baby Barrettes, $10.00

I must admit...being a new mom has me looking at fashion in a whole new way! One of my tried and true favorite summer looks has got to be of the baby-inspired variety; i.e., flirty babydoll dresses and tops, cute plastic baby barrettes, pastel colors and cute embellishments.

You can get your baby-chic on (but with a grown-up flair) with the Juicy Couture Leather Baby Fluffy. So cute and practical without being loud, obnoxious and covered in Hello Kitty.

Other grown-up-meets-babydoll winners? SJP does grown-up baby-chic right in this short and sweet shiny ensemble.

 | Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

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