Monday, June 05, 2006

Bella Bomb Bath Bomb Giveaway!

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Bella Bomb .com is a vibrant new website that makes, packages and sells high-quality, Shea Butter filled bath bombs at only $3.00 a pop.

I heart Bella Bomb .com’s bombs so much! I have proudly tried these beautifully decorated balls of fizz and not only are they striking in appearance, they are extremely moisturizing, they smell amazing and they really soothed my aching muscles.

Bella Bomb .com not only makes moisturizing bath bombs for women, but for men and babies as well. With scents like, “Bella’s Boyfriend,” “It’s Your Birthday, Bella,” and “Shimmering Baby Fresh,” you can be sure that you’ll find a variety of bath bombs on Bella Bomb .com and you’ll have fun too.


Bella Bomb .com is unique because guests can purchase bath bombs wholesale directly through the website’s shopping cart without going through the lengthy “Wholesale Inquiry” process that bath and body sites require today. With wholesale bath bombs at a low $1.50 each at a 100 bomb minimum, Bella Bomb .com is a one-stop shop for anyone’s bath bomb needs! Whether you are buying bath bombs for personal use, fine gifts, or placing them in your hip boutique, you can be sure that Bella Bomb .com’s bath bombs are of the highest quality.

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