Monday, June 26, 2006

Go Incognito

Heather Locklear hides out, beach-style

Ashley Olsen shops in shades

Britney is back in black

Let's face it...celebrities are just like us, except they are rich, famous and lead extravagant lifestyles. Despite their fame, they need to get out and be normal folks too now and then. Unfortunately for most celebrities, they can't enjoy a day of shopping or at the beach without jumping through hoops or really hiding out.

Ironically enough, celebrities have ended up creating trends with their "in cognito" wear. From big, glamorous sunglasses to darkly dyed tresses and casual wear, celebs still manage to cause a stir on their days off.

Therefore, my new favorite fashion look of the summer is what I would like to call "in cognito." This is a fabulous and affordable look, and great for those who can't afford high-end celebrity styles. Grab some dark shades and a floppy hat like Heather Locklear for a little easy mystery, or go all-out like Britney by steppin-out in a shocking new hair hue.

My favorite mysterious-celeb piece? The Espionage bag from Besso, available through LeFashionista. Stylish and beautifully crafted, the Espionage bag has a million pockets, perfect for holding all of that mace and restraining orders for the paparazzi.

Espionage bag, $195.00

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