Wednesday, June 21, 2006

High (heeled) Fashion

Black Platform Pumps by Steven Lemore, $143.00

Tan Studded Platform, by RSVP, $90.00

Red Platform Slingback, By Stuart Weitzman, $279.00

Remember how we blogged about those skinny jeans that are coming back? Well, THESE are the killer shoes to go with them.

Platforms are also nothing new to the fashion world, but were big on this season's runway, and are sure to make a major comeback this fall. For all of you high-heeled loving fashionista's who are sick to death of flats, your day has come.

Wanna wear these nearly 4 inches of fabulousness without looking, ahem, street-walker chic? Simple! Pair them with jeans or a below-the-knee skirt for optimum cuteness. Also, look for styles with natural accents (wood, cork and rope are some of our favorites), and try to avoid those lace-up deals.

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