Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The New Romantic

Hand Crochet Drop-Waist Dress, Vince, $220.00

Robert Rodriguez Embroidered Dress, $385.00

Luxe Solid Ruffle Yoke House Dress, $58.00

Luxe Voile Bib Insert Tunic, $48.00

Just when I got used to girly ruffles, buttons and embroidery, the frilly Victorian look was out and bohemian chic ruled. Lucky for me, the fashion forecast says that girly-wear is on the horizon once again.

Last Fall, it was all about crushed velvet in dark, rich colors and gothic-Renaissance styles. This Fall, the new romantic styles have returned to a more Victorian edge with puffy sleeves, longer tunic styles and delicate details.

You can get ahead of the game this summer by rocking one of the most surprising fashion returns around...crochet! Like to do it yourself? Check out http://www.crochetme.com/
for great ideas and to get those needles goin'.

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