Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sleep With Vera Wang

Vera Wang by Serta Solitaire Euro Top Plush Mattress, $3,299.00 for a King Size.

I can accept Isaac Mizrahi designing furniture for Target. I can even live with Ralph Lauren's line of home interior paints at Home Depot. But this is just too much.

Now the most sought after wedding dress designer in the world is bringing you the bridal bed as well in conjunction with Serta.

Vera Wang now lends her extensive experience and design instincts to Serta with The Vera Wang Collection. The collection combines luxurious fabrics and new technology featuring Vera Wang’s signature designs.

The bedding features Wang’s triple heart motif, a limited edition designer mattress set for Serta’s 2006 Counting Sheep for the Cure campaign with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and a signature bridal bed inspired by one of Wang’s best-selling bridal designs. Each features Embraceable comfort, a synthetic down-like material designed to provide extra comfort. (source)

Oh least your every day person can afford to buy one of her beds...sort of. How disappointing, really. When John Galliano starts designing living room rugs, give me a call though. Those would probably be awesome.

What do you think...should high-end and couture designers stick to fashion, or is it okay to lend their label to whatever they want, even if it's pillow-top mattresses? Discuss!

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