Thursday, June 01, 2006

Summer Trend: The Little White Dress

Crochet Gauze Dress, $36.50 Old Navy

Keekie Minidress, $258.00

Beach Blanket Babydoll, $148.00

White dresses are white hot for summer...don't worry about those silly old fashioned Labor Day rules either! White sundresses are haute, hawt, hot and can be worn virtually anywhere (except at weddings, obviously, unless you are really that daring). Not only is a white dress easy to accessorize and personalize, but it will go with almost anything...I'd go with a cute pair of gold sandals and a straw bag for the beach.

Like with all good fashion ideas, the white dress has its down sides...obviously, its WHITE, which means no eating catsup, mustard, barbecue sauce, ice cream...well you get the point. The white dress fashionista also has to remember to be neat and not sit on any dirty (or freshly painted) benches in this look too.

Another important thing to remember when donning white is undergarments, and I can't stress that enough. If you buy a good enough quality sundress (one that is well lined) then you are probably okay. However, if you are like me and opt for a cheaper version, you may want to invest in some good nude undies and a slip...unless you are going for a celebrity-inspired see-through look.

The white dress...fresh and fabulous. Would you wear it? Tell us your favorite; halter, eyelette, tube...whatever!

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