Monday, July 03, 2006

Independent Fashion Designer Angela Johnson

T-shirt party dress, $300.00

T-Shirt Ballgown, $400.00

Indie fashion designer Angela Johnson has created the ultimate dresses for thrift store fashion mavens. Her reconstructed t-shirt dresses are beautifully cut and completely unique, and each one is a one of a kind. The reconstructed look has been one of the biggest fashion trends for a while now, but Johnson brings it toa whole new level with formal wear.

The really cool thing about these vintage couture frocks is that you get the comfort of t-shirts with an edgy independant look. Each one of Johnson's dresses are also unique because they are made with whatever vintage thrift t-shirts are available at the time.

While this kind of underground designer fashion may be a bit much for some...I really dig the halter-style party dress. Like her style? Check out more reconstructed looks by Angela Johnson hot summer fashion trends.

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