Thursday, July 13, 2006

Spotlight on Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani and her L.A.M.B

For those of you that haven't obsessively followed the career of one Mrs. Rossdale (nee, Stefani), allow me to quickly recap her rise to fashion fame. Chanteuse, couture designer and now stylish mom, Gwen seems to have done it all...and I'm totally jealous.

So how did the poor little ska singer from So-Cal become the fashion idol that she is today? Simple...she started out independent. As history tells it, a young Miss. Stefani began her design career by creating her own unique stage wear (you remember the bejeweled bra's and supafly cargo pants with cut up white tanks look, right?). She created an explosion in the fashion world with her punkabilly look that was one part 1980's "London calling" meets 1950's American sweetheart. Her signature platinum blonde hair and punked out clothes were only the beginning.

Then there was the pink hair, in a hue that only Gwen could pull off, followed by another flirtation with 1950's style. A true fashion chameleon, Gwen has experimented with it all from hip hop (remember the dredlocks, bling bling and super long press on nails?) to oriental schoolgirl. Even at her most pregnant, and now in post-partum days, Gwen was and is always pushing the envelope with fashion and making a statement.

Now, no longer having to hand make her own duds, Gwens' line L.A.M.B. is taking off in leaps and bounds. Gwen, we salute you, and consider you our idie designer godess turned couture fashion designer. Well played.

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