Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Emmy Awards 2006 Red Carpet Misses, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a lovely curvaceous figure. But there's no need to dress up as a disco ball and unncessarily widen the hips in the process. Shame though as her makeup and hair are looking gorge. The clutch isn't bad either and wristlets are definitely in this upcoming season. Shame about the dress.

I was disappointed in Eva Longoria. She usually looks stunning in long flowing evening gowns. But for this award ceremony, she decdied to not look like the hot goddess she is and instead opted to look like a frumpy marshmallow. Not a good look. If you've got it, flaunt it!

However, you don't wanna flaunt it like a skank as Vanessa Minillo successfully did. There is figure hugging and then there is spilling over. Vanessa fit snugly into this electric blue number but the embroidery and the flamboyant colours did not elegant make.

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Anonymous said...

Great post Jennifer!!

Margarite Elaine said...

Jennifer's dress is a travesty. Who let her get out the limo looking like that?

Eva's dress is dissappointing. I hate to see cute girls look so bad.

Vanessa dress...what can I say? I've never been a fan of satin and her dress is exactly the reason why. You can see every line, wrinkle and imperfection on her body. Let's face it...it's not a good look.


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