Thursday, August 31, 2006

I’ll Take My Angel Wings Fat Free, Thanks...

Angel Wing accessories are my personal fav fashion must-have and I found the most unique and chic earrings that are not only heavenly, but “Fat Free” as well. Fat Free by CiCi has a new to die for line of Angel Wing earrings and I covet them all!

These feather-light beauties come in a variety of colors that will make your wardrobe sing: Angel Licorice, Angel Milk, Angel Turquoise, Angel Ruby, Angel Lemon, Angel Lilac, Angel Royal Blue, Angel Pink, Angel Lime, Angel Plum, and Angel Grape.

I have extremely sensitive ears and am always on the look out for earrings that are light-weight, high-quality and fashionable and I have definitely found my accessories jack-pot.

Nutrition Facts: These affordably stylish earrings are hand-made with 100% Italian lambskin, Swarovski crystals, 14kt gold or sterling silver, and lots of love.

Visit Fat Free by CiCi today!


Ashley said...

I would have to agree, these are my new favorite earings. I bought my first pair at the LF boutique in Soho(Turquoise pair) and received so many compliments I went back and bought the Milk color.

These really are so light, you won't even know you are wearing earings. I love them!

Jillian McCabe said...

Hi Ladies! I am very happy to announce that Fat Free by CICI is joining!

~ Jillian :)

plain.jane said...



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