Friday, September 29, 2006

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In response to the recent Heathrow demands of travelling see-through, Chanel have come up with the 'naked' bag. I for one, wouldn't want a bag that was entirely transparent like this. I remember them being vaguely in fashion when I was a teenager and personally, would like them to remain in those days! Prices are yet to be determined but they will be available starting October for those of you flying to Europe this upcoming winter.

Press release reads:
How many secrets can a woman’s bag hold? Having passed through the x-ray machine, CHANEL’s new Naked Bag will answer this enigma when travelling by plane or train.

To travel with transparency, Karl Lagerfeld came up with a mini-collection of plastic and truly bare bags. Simultaneously elegant and practical, all have black, gray, golden or white piping, or are purposely left bare. Stylish and aesthetic, they come in three models in a range of four colors.

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