Saturday, September 23, 2006

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When I think of Courtney Cox, I think of Friends, not fashion icon. But these pictures prove she does have style intelligence that we may have otherwise missed due to her seemingly non-existant career after the hit show ended. What we learn from Courtney is how to wear the dresses of the season.

If you have a curvacious body and you're going to wear a short shift dress, then don't go for V-necks or lower scoop necks. If it's a button up, do not button it up all the way to the top as Jessica Simpson does here. Leave the top few buttons undone or it will make you look top-heavier than you already are. If you insist on buttoning it all the way to the top as Jessica does, don't wear boots. If you're going to cover you're entire upper body like that, then at least wear platform pumps or strappy sandals to make you look longer and leaner.

The best kind of short dresses to wear if you've got Jessica's curvy body are sleeveless dresses or ones with capped sleeves. It will elongate your arms and balance out your body.

Courtney Cox has it perfect here. Down to her Chloe platforms!

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sonnysan said...

miss simpson fashion sense leaves little to be desired usually. she is tops on my worst dress list!

Anonymous said...

the color is not for courtney, the bag is too big and the dress or shoes do not flatter her legs at all. the dress cut makes her look too wide on the bottom. maybe sandals, smaller bag, different color dress.


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