Thursday, September 14, 2006

If you like Pina Colada Body Polish & Getting Caught In The Rain

Hi Ladies, I’m back with another fabulous Jaqua Beauty Review!

I have just used Jaqua’s Pina Colada Exfoliating Body Polish and if I were in their advertising department, I would use the following tag line, “A Tropical Vacation In A Bottle!”

Jaqua’s Pina Colada Exfoliating Body Polish comes in a nice-sized squeeze tube with an elegant label on the front. As I’ve said before, Jaqua’s packaging is superior; although it is just a squeeze tube, they make it look like perfection.

This sugary, tropical explosion is the perfect remedy for a stressful day. I had a terrible day and I thought I’d pamper myself, and let me tell you, Jaqua’s Exfoliating Body Polish certainly did the trick. The scent alone is uplifting and put an immediate smile on my face. The polish not only smells divine, the color is a pleasant yellow-peach shade that made me crave a tropical drink with a bright umbrella.

I unscrewed the top, peeled the protective tab of foil off, and poured a nice sized dollop of it in my hand and I was pleasantly surprised. I’d like to point out the amazing texture of this product: this scrub has real substance to it; it is oily (good oily) and thick with moisture, it’s not watery or gritty. When I rolled it around my fingers, I could tell that it was high-quality and full of nourishing oils.

The scrub has fine sugar inside that lightly exfoliates the skin; it didn’t leave me in pain like other scrubs I’ve used. Jaqua’s Pina Colada Exfoliating Body Polish blows away any body scrub I’ve ever used; it is hydrating, full of natural ingredients and skin-soothing oils. I didn’t even need lotion after my shower and that is saying something.

The after-effects of this product are something to brag about. The natural oils leave a protective layer of moisture on the skin, you are left with a bit of a glow and the scent pleasantly lingers with you for the rest of the day. It works wonders on the feet; it left my feet moisturized, soft and tropically fragrant.

This product is absolutely fabulous. For 20 bucks, you are definitely getting what you pay for and I recommend it to you and yours!

Visit Jaqua Beauty today for your $20.00 vacation!

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