Friday, September 29, 2006

My Favorite 'IT' Bag: Lucia Bella's Femme Fatale Handbag

I'm always on the look-out for a handbag that is stylish and feminine, while being functional as well. The Femme Fatale Handbag is a complete package of perfection and the one haute accessory you shouldn’t pass up. This bag is not only eye-candy; it is high quality, made with the finest leathers and materials and large enough to hold all of the day to night essentials. The design is amazing and in my opinion, gives the Marc by Marc Jacobs Sylvie” bag a run for its money.

I live in a resort mountain community full of trust-fund babies and ski bunnies, and as I walked into a bistro to meet some friends for lunch, I was stopped 3 times and asked where I got my bag; and then interrupted twice during lunch and asked the same question. Now if that’s not a true testament as to how to-die-for this bag is… I really don’t know what is.

My two Fav Femme Fatales are the Black and the Mahogany. The Black Femme Fatale is perfect for a casual or dressy outfit; the gold/brassy studs lined over the rich, black suede are striking, and the tassels complete the design. The Mahogany is just beautiful; you MUST see this bag in person. With the gold and brown colors and contrasting textures of leather paired with antique brass hardware this bag is the perfect fall bag.

Femme Fatale Bag Details:

  • The leather is soft, creamy and luscious and the bag has that rich, intoxicating “new bag” scent.
  • The Femme Fatale has a nice, thick leather strap that fits comfortably over the shoulder and doesn’t slip off while you are walking around. I LOVE the two front pockets; they are perfect for your keys, cell-phone, BlackBerry, etc.
  • The bag is the perfect fit; it sits right at the hip.
  • The style is so now, yet everlasting.
  • The features are striking: The tassels and studs complete the bag and are a nice, surprising touch.
Visit Lucia Bella today and get your IT bag!


Casey said...

That is a really pretty bag. I definitely agree with you that it is a must-have.

Anonymous said...

where can I see it in person... the it bag looks awesome but I want to touch and feel it. Let me know.

Jillian said...

You can find her bags at the following locations:

~ Jillian :)

Anonymous said...

I love the black bag. It's really cute.


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