Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Old Navy's "Jewelry Collection"

Before my eyes, Old Navy has transformed into a Target-esque establishment and is now offering handbags, shoes, boots, undies, scarves, and even jewelry.

Old Navy's apparel isn't the highest quality out there, but it is certainly not horrible. You can always find something cute, and what's better, you can always find something cute on sale and that's never a bad thing...

What is a bad thing is Old Navy's "Jewelry Collection," if it so may be called.

I purchased said jewelry to match cute shirt, and although you can't expect a lot for 6 bucks, I certainly didn't forsee the thing falling apart the moment I put it in my ear. I placed the earring in my left ear and as I was sliding the little rubbery nub on to keep it from slipping out, I looked down and there was the bottom part of the earring sitting on my shoulder.


What's the moral of this story?

A. Don't buy jewelry at Old Navy

B. Only buy jewelry from real designers, particularly the ones on www.le-fashionista.com

C. Don't buy jewelry at Old Navy

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