Saturday, September 09, 2006

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My immediate thought was Kate Moss-meets-Pete Doherty. Nothing wrong with that per se. Just that I'm over Kate and way over Pete. This was not a good start. I'm also one of those girly girls that thrives on florals and fuschia, so the adrogynous look left a lot to be desired in my mind.

But looking past all of that, there are some very wearable pieces. The denim pencil skirt and the mini trench make sexy office wear that I wouldn't hesitate to make a part of my wardrobe. I hate the menswear on women look here. It looks very uptight and unflattering. Summer is a time to let go and let loose. How you are supposed to do that in a full suit with an oxford shirt buttoned all the way up? The suspenders really have to go now. It was fine when Hedi did it, but now it has got to stop.

With the exception of the black dress which I can see Paris Hilton wearing, this collection feels heavy to me. The colors are dull and even the white suit looks too much with its many layers (jacket, shirt, tie, trousers).

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Sparkles said...

The black dress at the bottom left is just gorgeous.

Jane said...

I found this fun website that features NYC and LA's latest fashions and styling tips. It's called CodeTV and they did a piece on Bruno Grizzo - you have to see it!


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